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Get integrated and complete primary care from our team of health care experts.

When looking for a medical and clinical health provider, you want someone who cares for patients, regardless of age and health conditions. Swan Mountain sustains an enduring and trusting relationship with patients and the people they love.

Being experts in flexible and multipurpose health care, we deliver continuous and consistent services in various settings and changing community situations. Our team of family medicine practitioners focuses on promotive, preventive, and curative approaches to health care.

We understand how important it is to deliver accessible yet quality health care services to all patients of all ages. We provide primary and clinical services, including routine health consultations, health screening and exams, and appropriate treatment recommendations. Thus, ensuring that you and your family achieve an improved quality of life.

Benefits of Family Medicine

With the evolving medical needs of patients at each stage of their life, our practitioners adapt their skills and procedures tailored to their patients’ medical history, potential risk factors, and existing health status.

Medical care management for the whole family is a complicated task. Opting to visit experts in family medicine near Silverthorne, Colorado, overcomes this challenge as complete and advanced medical care is provided for all forms of health care.

Beyond this, the benefits of family medicine include:

1. Chronic Disease Management

The CDC reported that six out of ten Americans live with chronic disease. Learning how to manage symptoms, improve lifestyle habits, and make informed choices can help patients live quality lives.

Family medicine involves all forms of primary care, including chronic disease management. Interventions from a skilled health care provider help address acute health issues and prevent disease at an earlier stage.

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2. Early Disease Detection and Prevention

Primary health care aims to help patients achieve health and well-being by addressing their needs as early as possible. It is essential to promote preventive care through educational resources, strengthening the immune system, and avoiding unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Routine health screening and physical examination are vital to detect emergent diseases and immediate medical intervention. This allows for better outcomes and increases the chance of survival.

SMWC - Doctor and patient discussing scan results in diagnostic center

3. Treatment Recommendation

When you build a long-term relationship with your health care provider, who knows your history and lifestyle, you can maintain your health and manage your conditions with ease.

Your care team can provide you with the appropriate treatment tailored to your current needs and potential risk factors, taking quick action in case of health emergencies as they have a closer relationship with you and your family.

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4. Flexible Health Care

Experts in family medicine are trained and knowledgeable in treating any form of disease and health conditions, performing complex and advanced medical procedures when necessary.

They are also versatile and can work in changing health environments — inside the four walls of a clinical office or within patients’ rooms, needing very particular care. They can manage your medical care anywhere and easily adapt to evolving health conditions.

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5. Relational and Personal Care Team

It has long been established that a personalized and relational health care framework influences the processes and outcomes of medical and clinical interventions.

Health care teams who have treated patients for years build long-lasting and solid relationships. This bond allows health care providers to make accurate diagnoses, monitor health changes, and provide appropriate treatments.

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Why Visit Swan Mountain Women's & Family Clinic

Since 2012, Swan Mountain Women’s & Family Clinic has provided Colorado with family medicine, gynecological, and obstetric services. We believe that health care is ageless. Our services cater to everyone, including children, teenagers, adults, and seniors.

With our cutting-edge technologies, access to the latest medical techniques, and years of expertise, our medical practitioners deliver seamless and effective health care interventions to the highest standard.

We offer virtual health visits, which allows us to provide counseling and consistent care to our patients anywhere in Colorado. Fill out our contact forms or call us for more details.

Our Family Medicine Services

Swan Mountain Women’s & Family Clinic treats you and your loved ones. Our family medicine services near Silverthorne include:

  1. Chronic Disease Management
  2. Adult Wellness
  3. Childhood Vaccines
  4. Telemedicine
  5. Adult Preventive Exams

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