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Improve your overall health and prevent diseases from occurring with Swan Mountain Women's & Family Clinic's family practice.

Family medicine’s role in people’s lives is vital. By seeing a practitioner, you prevent particular conditions from developing, helping you remain healthy at every stage of your life.

One recent study done through a Harvard-Stanford collaboration that was published in JAMA Internal Medicine analyzed the importance of primary care. It examined life expectancies in the United States from 2005 to 2015. The researchers found that adding ten primary healthcare practitioners to every 100,000 population can increase life expectancy by 51.5 days. This is in comparison to a 19.2-day increase due to the number of practitioners present during the study period.

Another study also suggests that family practice is indeed beneficial. Its results showed that adding a practitioner to a population of 10,000 people can reduce hospital admissions by 5.5%, emergency room visits by 11%, and surgical operations by 11%.

At Swan Mountain Women’s & Family Clinic, our practitioners are your partners in achieving optimum health. Our team is committed to providing the residents of the Centennial State with effective primary care services.

Why Is Family Practice Important?

Family practice is essential to everyone’s health. There is continuous care given to all members of the family at any stage of life, ensuring your whole family’s protection from diseases and conditions.

Here’s a list of benefits you can get from our services focused on family practice:

1. Early Diagnosis and Preventive Measures

Routine check-ups are not the only thing a practitioner can provide. They also perform diagnostic tests and screenings to determine whether you have health issues that might lead to complex conditions.

In our family practice, we provide preventive exams to catch minor health problems as early as possible and provide preventive measures to keep them from worsening if needed.

We are always there for our patients every step of the way. We assess and monitor our patient’s risk factors and provide relevant insights to improve their condition. Our practitioners also educate on lifestyle and diet changes to encourage the best outcome.

SMWC - patient consultation at doctors office

2. Chronic Disease Management

According to data provided by the National Health Council in 2019, approximately 133 million, or 40% of the population in the United States, are dealing with ongoing and incurable chronic diseases.

Our team of practitioners is here to help you live better. They specialize in managing chronic disease symptoms to improve your quality of life.

At our family practice near Alma, CO, we monitor the conditions of our patients regularly. This helps our practitioners see if our patient’s conditions are improving or changes in their treatment or medication need to be prescribed.

SMWC - Doctor Talks To Senior Female Patient In Hospital Bed

3. Medication Management

In some cases, medications cause side effects. Our practitioners help our patients manage the prescribed medications they take.

Our practitioners are hands-on, especially about health and well-being. We consult doctors and medical experts to provide our patients with an effective medication regimen.

SMWC - Process of taking medication

4. Effective Treatments, Medications, and Supplements

At our family practice near Alma, CO, you will receive appropriate treatment. Our practitioners are knowledgeable in addressing a wide range of conditions; they can help you with yours.

They can also prescribe medications to improve your condition. If you need to be checked or treated by another medical specialist, they can refer you to the best ones in the Centennial State.

Our team of practitioners may also prescribe supplements, depending on the vitamins your body needs to strengthen your immune system and provide added protection from diseases.

Why Visit Swan Mountain Women's & Family Clinic

Swan Mountain Women’s & Family Clinic has a decade’s worth of experience in providing medical services. In 2012, we started to provide obstetric and gynecological services. Decades later, we’ve now grown to include family medicine in our expertise.

Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art devices and tools that help us provide accurate diagnostics. We are always on the lookout for advancements in the medical field and use them for our patients’ convenience and benefit.

Aside from innovation and convenience, we also keep compassion in mind when we provide services focused on family health care. We listen to every patient’s preferences and concerns and prioritize them in our services.

Our Family Medicine Services

The array of family health care services we provide can benefit both newborn babies and adults. Our team of practitioners has the required knowledge, background, and experience to perform the following:

  1. Chronic Disease Management
  2. Adult Wellness
  3. Childhood Vaccines
  4. Telemedicine
  5. Adult Preventive Exams

We Serve Patients From All of These Communities

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