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A fertility clinic to get you on your way to motherhood.

People are often surprised and disappointed at the amount of time it can take to get pregnant. For normal healthy couples, it is common for several months to go by before pregnancy is achieved. Patients often have questions about when to consider medical evaluation or when to relax and let nature play out. Fertility issues are often multifactorial and require weeks to months of evaluation.

  1. For women below the age of 35, we recommend a fertility workup if you have been unsuccessful in conceiving for 12 months or more.
  2. For women 35 and over, we recommend a fertility workup if you have been unsuccessful in conceiving for 6 months or more. (This is due to the nature of fertility issues becoming more concerning as women age.)
Our board-certified gynecologists take extra time and attention with those experiencing fertility issues. Whether it be a couple who has been trying for several years to get pregnant, or a single female looking for insemination options, we offer everything up to the point of in-vitro fertilization (IVF is only offered in Denver).
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Indicators of Infertility

Fertility issues are often associated with different and coexisting reproductive disorders. Common indicators of infertility are:

Fertility Services

Our gynecologists will schedule a special extended appointment and perform a detailed history and physical exam during that visit. The next step is highly individualized for each patient, potentially including labs, transvaginal ultrasound/pertinent imaging, hysterosalpingogram, or semen analysis. Additional diagnostic procedures or even surgery are sometimes necessary to help determine the cause of your fertility issues.

We do everything from the initial exam and reassurance to intrauterine insemination in our Breckenridge office. If a patient requires in-vitro fertilization, they are referred to Denver. We work in conjunction with several of the reproductive endocrinologists in Denver to provide local services and minimize those patients’ travel to Denver.

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Please call for an appointment with one of our OBGYN Fertility specialists to schedule your fertility consult if you are having trouble conceiving.

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