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Improve overall health and wellbeing with quality family medicine services.

Family medicine involves personal, direct, and consistent medical care to all patients, regardless of age and health conditions. It is a form of primary care providing opportunities to screen for diseases and deliver treatments at an early stage.

Beyond flexibility, family medicine also involves screening procedures through consultations, physical examinations, and data collection based on one’s medical history. These procedures help rule out possibilities, arrive at an accurate diagnosis, and create practical treatment recommendations.

At Swan Mountain Women’s & Family Clinic, our medical practitioners care for you and your loved ones. We deliver integrated health care services that adapt to your changing health conditions and medical care needs.

Benefits of Family Medicine Services

Experts in family medicine play a fundamental role in most forms of health care situations. For them, all health conditions are necessary and need proper attention. They are trained to address all medical needs, from the most common to the most critical conditions.

Along with comprehensive and unified care, family medicine offers benefits such as:

1. Early Disease Detection

Health exams help monitor symptoms of emergent conditions and prevent them from rapidly worsening. Proper screening procedures prevent chronic diseases and infection. At our family practice near Dillon, Colorado, we provide preventive and diagnostic care even without disease manifestation. This type of early medical intervention helps increase survival, improve health outcomes, and reduce the need for complex surgical treatments.
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2. Health Maintenance

Start taking steps to achieve optimum health by visiting a trusted family medicine practitioner. With knowledge of your medical history, they can provide an in-depth and personalized health care plan for you and your family.

Experts in family medicine are uniquely positioned to help prevent diseases from developing, manage existing health conditions, and guide you through the best lifestyle habits to practice during specific stages of your life.

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3. Mental Health Care

Depression and anxiety are also common health conditions experienced by most adults. An expert in family medicine can provide you with a wide variety of health care services, comprehensive care, behavioral health monitoring, and effective treatment for mild to severe mental health conditions.

Family medicine practitioners are at an advantage in providing this needed treatment as they have a more relational approach to health care. They can deeply communicate with patients and understand the internal difficulties they’re dealing with.

4. Lower Healthcare Costs

A previous study reported that adults receiving primary care have 33% lower health care costs. The same study also suggests that if everyone uses primary care as their usual source of care, the United States will save up to 67 billion dollars.

These numbers are enough reasons to opt for family health care that can bring the most value without straining your finances.

5. Improved Quality of Health Care

Family medicine practitioners are flexible and adaptable; they can provide round-the-clock medical care wherever you are. This type of intervention has been proven to reduce hospitalization and save medical costs.
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Why Visit Swan Mountain Women's & Family Clinic

Since 2012, Swan Mountain Women’s & Family Clinic has provided friendly and cost-efficient primary, gynecological, and obstetric care in Colorado. Our team of diverse medical practitioners has earned a name for bringing quality health care to everyone, regardless of age and health conditions.

With our cutting-edge technologies and proven years of expertise, we are passionate about providing only the best treatments to address our patients’ individual needs.

We also make sure that our family medicine and OB-GYN services are accessible anytime through our virtual health visits. Call us or fill up our contact form to know more details about our telemedicine services.

Our Family Medicine Services

Swan Mountain Women’s & Family Clinic performs a range of medical specialties focusing on the needs of patients. Our family medicine services include:

  1. Chronic disease management
  2. Adult wellness
  3. Childhood vaccines
  4. Telemedicine
  5. Adult preventive exams

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Swan Mountain Women’s and Family Clinic ensures that the best care is given to patients, from newborn infants to seniors. Our seasoned health care team applies an innovative, compassionate, and convenient approach to providing excellent primary and clinical care. Our main clinic in Breckenridge is just 15 minutes away from Dillon, Colorado. Book an appointment with us. We’re here to listen and support you with your health care needs.

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