Primary Care Services

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Chronic Disease Management

Here at Swan Mountain, we partner with you on your path to health.  Early intervention, holistic mindfulness and progress monitoring will keep your health on track. Chronic conditions we treat on a daily basis include hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, thyroid management, and COPD/Asthma for example.

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Adult Wellness Exams

Preventative Exams, “Physicals” or Wellness Exams, are the hallmark of primary care. We aim for early identification of disease and preventing chronic damage before it starts.

When you schedule a Wellness Exam here at Swan Mountain, our primary health care providers will coach you towards achieving optimum health via routine screening.

Pap Smears, breast exams, mammograms, colonoscopies, screening labs and vaccines are important markers of health maintenance

Medicare Wellness

Staying on top of your health doesn’t only involve eating a healthy diet, regularly exercising, and taking supplements. It also involves seeing a medical practitioner from time to time.

At our clinic, our team of practitioners offer wellness exams covered by Medicare. The purpose of these visits is to monitor your overall health and prevent diseases and disabilities from occurring.

We provide our patients with a preventive program that can help prevent the development of any complex health condition. Through wellness visits, we help our patients achieve optimum health.

For more information about what is included in a Medicare Wellness Visit, please visit the CMS online learning tool for adult wellness visits.

In-Office Procedures

The skilled primary care providers here at Swan Mountain can perform many in-office procedures to serve you:

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Sick Visits/Acute Care

The Primary care services at Swan Mountain are here for you when life happens: illness, injury, fevers, UTI, etc. We will always do our best to accommodate urgent matters either through an office visit or telehealth if appropriate. We have in-office testing for RSV, Flu, Strep and urinary analysis to give you answers right away.

Please reach out to us about COVID-19 concerns, testing locations and telehealth services.  

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Business Hours

Live Better, Even With Chronic Disease

You shouldn’t deal with your chronic health concerns alone.
Our whole team at Swan Mountain Women’s & Family Clinic is here to help you manage your chronic diseases. Through our hands-on programs and services, you’ll be able to understand your disease better and set realistic goals during your treatment. We will design an effective treatment strategy tailored to your lifestyle, genetics, and medical history. If you are interested in our programs, book an appointment with us by calling us today!

Swan Mountain Women’s and Family Clinic remains IN-NETWORK

with most BCBS plans despite the current issues with CommonSpirit and the local hospital. Please refer HERE (“accepted insurances”) for a full list of our accepted insurances. If you are a current patient with BCBS, please click HERE (“see below for letter to link”) for an important announcement.