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Women’s reproductive health is precious as well as complex. Understanding how it works and changes over time is essential to keeping it healthy for future pregnancies.

On average, a woman’s reproductive cycle starts at the age of 12. During this time, it is important to educate and guide teens about the changes in their bodies in their first steps into puberty.

By the age of 20, women reach the peak of fertility, full of options to plan and space pregnancies to create the family they want. As women slowly transition to their menopausal phase, they need to be prepared to manage the unique symptoms they may come to experience.

Swan Mountain Women’s & Family Clinic is a team of skilled gynecologists, obstetricians, and medical practitioners eager to provide you with helpful directions as you journey through every stage of your life. Equipped with the latest knowledge and technology, we deliver the services you need with the highest standard of care.

Benefits of OB-GYN Services

Visiting an obstetric-gynecologist (OB-GYN) is vital when facing important health issues in life, including menstruation, childbirth, menopause, and birth control. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists strongly encourages women to visit their trusted OB-GYN for regular preventive health services, educational guidance, and patient-focused care.

However, like any other health appointment, getting over your fears and misconceptions during your meeting with your OB-GYN is the first step to achieving benefits such as:

1. Pregnancy Support

An early poll conducted by the National Health Interview Survey reported that over 10% of women in the US are not seeking medical care from any providers during their pregnancy.

From planning your pregnancy, prenatal, delivery, and postpartum care, your OB-GYN can ensure the safety and overall health of your child and yourself. Early management of complications during conception prevents serious situations such as miscarriages or stillbirths. Your OB-GYN is there to help you from pregnancy to motherhood.

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2. General Reproductive Health Check-up

Accurate medical data allows our OB-GYN practitioners to come up with appropriate treatment plans and recommendations. A visit to an OB-GYN can also give you a baseline of your current reproductive health status. Routine physical and gynecological exams can reveal any changes or issues of concern you may have.
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3. Prevention of Health Conditions

Regular health screening and gynecological exams are a step forward to preventing any reproductive health-related condition, including sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. Detecting diseases, especially malignant diseases at their early phase, increases the chance of getting appropriate treatments and survival.

4. Sexual Health Education

Talking to your health care provider about your sexual health may come as too personal and uncomfortable. Don’t worry; trust your gynecologist to address any concerns you have that may impact your reproductive health in full confidentiality. Your OB-GYN will help you understand and manage the natural biological processes in your life.
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5. Reproductive Planning

Years of education and expertise allow obstetricians and gynecologists to help you plan your pregnancy. They will consider your medical profile, history, and plans in recommending their services.

If you don’t intend to conceive any time soon, your OB-GYN can also provide you with safe and effective birth control methods.

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Since 2012, Swan Mountain Women’s & Family Clinic has been providing primary, gynecological, and obstetric care to women in Colorado. Our caring and compassionate team is dedicated to delivering excellent services through our safe and advanced clinical facilities and the latest medical technology.

Our OB-GYN in Breckenridge, CO, ensure healthy outcomes for you and your baby. We are always available to meet your needs, from routine check-ups, preventive care to advanced clinical procedures.

You can also reach out to one of our health care experts, through online health visits. Call our friendly staff or fill up our contact form available online for more details.

Our OB-GYN Services

Our friendly staff ensures every service we provide caters to the delicate needs of every woman and family in Colorado. Our OB-GYN in Breckenridge, Colorado, is affiliated with reputable fertility clinics and covers the full breadth of women’s reproductive health care, specializing in:

  1. Obstetric services
  2. Gynecological services
  3. Birth control programs
  4. Menopause management
  5. Fertility programs
  6. Robotic surgery

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